The Keys to a Good Relationship Between an Architect and Builder

Posted by: Cam Fraser

By Vic Conforti, architect

Trust and Respect: First and foremost is to have a relationship built on trust and respect. The builder must trust the architect’s experience and expertise, and the architect must trust the builder’s skills and knowledge and will produce a quality building.

Team Effort: Any successful project takes a team effort of owner, architect and builder, working together, with clear and open communications flowing between one another. The builder plays a key role in this due to the construction experience and know-how he brings to the team, and his day-to-day involvement in the construction process.

Future Referrals: When the job is complete, the real test as to the success of the relationship, is when all the team members can celebrate together, and know that they will get that call back to help with future projects.

About Vic Conforti:Vic Conforti is a small architectural firm specializing in high quality work for the local area. The firm is a sole proprietorship formed in 1972, providing architecture tailored to local needs, heritage, and environment, as well as cost-conscious construction practices Mr. Conforti is one of the leading architectural professionals in the area, having designed many of the prominent buildings in the Sonoma area, including numerous civic as well as commercial projects, all in harmony with the local historical architectural character.