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What’s Involved in the Permitting Process in Sonoma?

A guest interview with Wayne Wirick Jr., the Development Services Director / Building Official for the City of Sonoma, CA. WCB: Wayne, what is involved in getting a building permit in Sonoma?

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The Keys to a Good Relationship Between an Architect and Builder

By Vic Conforti, architect Trust and Respect: First and foremost is to have a relationship built on trust and respect. The builder must trust the architect’s experience and expertise, and the architect must trust the builder’s skills and knowledge and will produce a quality building. Team Effort: Any successful project takes a team effort of […]

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Solar Energy for the Home: How it Works

Collector panels placed on the roof of a house, or in a free-standing array,  absorb the light (not the heat), of the sun.   The light makes the molecules in these panels vibrate, which creates energy.  The energy is then transferred through wiring (enclosed in a pipe) that runs from the panels to a box mounted […]

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